Active Duty Fitness for Women

Everyone needs motivation to succeed, and at Active Duty Fitness, motivation abounds!

  • A motivating atmosphere • at Active Duty Fitness you'll feel the energy, camaraderie, team spirit, and support.
  • A motivating coach • your Active Duty Fitness coach will remain accountable to you and keep you accountable to yourself, your goals, and your commitment.
  • Motivating activities • no more boring stairmaster or stationary bike; your Active Duty Fitness activities are exciting, challenging, varied, and fun.
  • Motivating teammates • at Active Duty Fitness the women around you work to encourage you and you encourage them.
  • Motivating results • after just a few weeks you'll start to feel and see the results of your efforts.

Motivation? With Active Duty Fitness it's all around you, and then it's in you. See for yourself. Register now for your no obligation 1 week trial.



"There's always someone to cheer you on. It's really inspiring to have people around you that help you get moving and get motivated every day."

–Terri, 35,
mother of 2 and marketing professional

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