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Active Duty offers you our exclusive members-only Active Duty Fitness Training Gear and Active Duty Fitness Training Apparel!  

Active Duty Fitness Training Gear

Your Active Duty Fitness training Gear will include our custom-designed very attractive light weight but heavy-duty Active Duty Fitness Duffle Bag which will carry your own Active Duty Fitness exercise mat, resistance tubing, medicine ball, water bottles, and any personal items you may want.

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As an Active Duty Fitness member you will learn hundreds of effective functional training techniques that, with your Active Duty Fitness Training Gear, even if you have to miss class you can do at home or when you travel.

Active Duty Fitness Training Apparel

Active Duty Fitness has partnered with Moving Comfort and Metro Run and Walk to provide you with the highest quality training apparel and retail customer service. Moving Comfort, which has been in business for over 25 years, manufactures high performance athletic wear exclusively for women. High performance athletic apparel helps you stay cool and dry in the heat, or warm and dry in the cold.

Active Duty Fitness training apparel includes the Moving Comfort short-sleeved V Tee and long-sleeved All-Weather Crew. Both are DriLayer garments that transfer moisture from the skin to the outside of the fabric where it quickly disperses and evaporates. The soft, silky, lightweight CoolMax fabric used in these tops is highly breathable and quick-drying.

JacketThe two-for-one Versatech Zip-Off-Sleeve Jacket is also part of your Active Duty Fitness uniform. It's a jacket and it's a vest. The jacket's silky, supple microfiber yarns are tightly woven making it windproof yet breathable. The water-repellent finish provides protection from light rain and snow. The mesh-vented back yoke promotes air circulation to help prevent overheating. The two-way front zipper allows venting from the top or bottom. The jacket becomes a vest when you zip off the sleeves which can be stowed in the inside back pocket. Thoughtful selection and layering of your Active Duty Fitness training garments will help you maintain the right body temperature during all your Active Duty workouts, whatever the weather conditions may be.


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